Welcome to my world

There are many that see me in passing but few that know much about me.   I am grateful father with a somewhat jumbled path.  I raise my 10 year old daughter that I had with who I considered the love of my life for the longest time.  I say that only because it took me a long time to realize I am an idiot when it comes to such things.  I also have a 13 year daughter old and a 2 year old son by a different woman whom I tried on more than one occasion to work things out with (obviously given I have one younger and one older than the daughter I am raising) to no avail.   A truck driver by trade at the moment, I’ve spent many nights away from home but currently have a more local gig.  Once a job I loved has taken a path of necessity rather than joy.  Much of the circumstances recently  lead to the altering of my perspective.  A couple years ago I was involved in an accident at work that turned my world upside down.  The incident left me broken mentally, physically, and emotionally.  While I had a pretty good support system behind me, certain aspects of that system broke down leaving me where I am today.   If you end up being a frequent visitor I’m sure you will become privy to some of my flaws and quirks.   So today I am in a bit of a conundrum of life.  What I currently do I have come to hate, however I’m not independently wealthy so I must continue to do.  I am taking steps towards a different career path by focusing on more education.  Then we have what you’re reading currently.  I am most definitely introverted in so many ways, however I feel my writing helps the many aspects that I feel trapped in. This is my way of opening up to the world a bit, provided people want to read my content.  Something new and exciting I am going to attempt to stick with this for as long as I can, and maybe if I’m lucky…. find a way to make money doing this!!  Anyways enjoy, hate, gasp or any other reaction you may have towards my postings!