Open Minds Pt.1

In the last couple of years, even greater most recently so many hot button issues have been raised.  Between bitching about an election to black lives matter to transgender rights and so much more the country has been more divided than in my lifetime.  Race relations to me have deteriorated in such a ridiculous manner it’s something I’ve never encountered in my lifetime.  I’m one that has never had an issue stating my opinion especially when asked to, but in the current environment or our country I doubt I will be able to voice my opinion without being labeled either a bigot, sexist, xenophobe, racist, transphobic… whatever the more popular term that is being used so often to describe someone with a differing opinion.   I’m going to state my opinion anyways because I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone like that thinks.  The absurdity of calling me such would just be a testament to my previous statement.  A small-minded response to someone with a differing opinion.  There’s a good chance that I will give my opinion in several different posts specific to which issue I want to comment on.

First, I’m going to tackle the debate of President Trump.  Ohhh I know, this isn’t going to make many friends I have no doubt.  While there are many places I could start I’m just going to begin by saying he could save a baby falling off a building by strapping a parachute to himself and I doubt there would be any positive recognition.  Don’t assume that I’m an avid trump supporter, I just attempt to look at things logically… or at least rationally.  I don’t listen to only one news source, I don’t assume any of them are honest.  I have my own belief the media is one of the proponents to blame for much of the racial divide now (and Barack and Michelle Obama) but that’s an issue for future commentary.  Hell, half the time I don’t listen to any of the news sources, other than to have a glimpse of what’s going on in the world.  It’s not for anything other than the headline (past that it’s nonobjective rhetoric).  For decades, we the people have either bitched or joked about the lack of trust and transparency in the political arena and for good reason.  Yet we have a president now that quite literally we wish would put the twitter account down, giving his opinion, stating the things he wants to do, and what do we do?  We bitch that he’s horrible.  Is he really though?  In his first year, he is pressing and pushing for many or most of the campaign promises he stated.  Naturally someone will point out all the ones that he doesn’t get done as lies and rhetoric, but look at our representatives.  There’s a reason he won’t get them all done! This in the biggest part is because we attempt to elect officials that closely share our viewpoints.  News flash, so many people have varying viewpoints.  Within the base that elected him there are vastly different viewpoints.  If he could get everything he promised done that’s when I would be truly worried.  It just isn’t possible for so many people to agree on everything.  I don’t agree with many of the promises he made.  However, there are many he made and is following through with that are vital to my current career.  The two biggies for me; Infrastructure and Regulations.  Both these matters effect every aspect of my industry.  I would imagine the guy with the trump sticker on his bumper had other reasons for voting for him.  It’s not that myself and this guy are even close to being on the same page.  For all I know he could be a sociopath racist that wants to “kill niggers and Jews and all them gay people”.  However, there may have been other views that regardless of his ignorance were like the gentlemen in the car next him that is an ASE Master Technician that’s automotive shop owner in an urban neighborhood.  We live in a Constitutional Republic that provides us with the opportunity to vote for someone we hope will champion the issues that affect us most, and at times we must deal with the outcome not being in our favor.  To react in a manner that is destructive and deliberate in chastising the neighbors that held a different viewpoint is absurd.  Imitating the death or decapitation of a sitting president is despicable to me, regardless of how he or she’s viewpoints lean. This is also the reason why nothing gets done and so few people want to give credence to anything that the opposite must say.  There’s no discussion, there’s no mediation involved.  Instead of pulling up chairs to the table, people stand around the dining room with slogans written on cardboard.  The thing I’ve noticed most about this approach is that even when facts are presented they fall on deaf ears.  Fueled by emotions most often roused by an un-objective media pushing a narrative that best fits their opinion.  What makes it even worse is the adoption of so many to celebrity views.  Viewpoint skewed by a reality that so vastly differs from that of an ordinary citizen.  Rebuking at every turn any decision or action made yet remained silent through previous administration’s identical actions/opinions.  The hypocrisy of the “tolerant” I think is what infuriates me the most.  Tolerance isn’t championing for lgbtquwhatever letter they want to add to it or for your nationality or culture.  It is listening and choosing to either identify or calmly disregard another person’s opinion…. AFTER having a discussion and attempting to take note of points the challenging individual is making.  The racist asshole has their viewpoint and I will attempt to reason with and educate their ignorance.  Will it work?  Probably not.  However, if the conversation doesn’t happen the opinion can never change.  Humans have many flaws.  I have them, you have them, we all have them.  This isn’t to say that we can’t affect change positively.  Really this isn’t an argumentative piece, just more so of an expression that we will never all agree however we can all take a step forward in attempting to understand the person that you don’t agree with, including a sitting president.  I would write more but its late and I’m tired and may end up editing more in the morning so I hope this can be some food for thought for some.