Yes that is correct.  Boobs.  Also known as breasts, titties, knockers, hooters, cans, and many other less than appealing synonyms used to identify such a wonderful creation.  They are an integral part of any society.  They come in many shapes, many sizes, with many perspectives.  If you’re already calling me a chauvinist, I don’t care.  Chances are you contribute to the many inane issues being debated these days.  Well, it’s a good possibility.  I probably shouldn’t make the assumption you would use other buzz words like fascist or my favorite, racist as go to descriptions when speaking to someone with a differing opinion.  Anyways, with the perfect timing, i am sent a message giving a glimpse of multiple breasts in a short video as I sit down to write.  Obviously not the original subject I had in mind, but still an eye-raising one filled with interesting insight, utter disgust, and massive moral debate.

As the recent passing of Hugh Heffner editor-in=chief of Playboy it really only seems fitting to talk about it.  A little late than never, right?  The icon of “men’s magazines” is far more than just centerfolds baring all the lovely curves.  Little known facts go along with the “peddler of smut”.  Bringing in “colored” comedians and giving them a venue that would otherwise not be afforded to them.  Interviews with civil rights icons such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, a voice in an unlikely place.   While not attributed to being such, in a time that tensions were high and hate still prevailed, on one day of every month, millions of men received the publication.  Regardless of race, creed or color the sight of tastefully photographed bare breasted women prevailed.

Of course you have the opposing opinion, citing the objectification of women, the argument most commonly made when mentioning anything other than child rearing.  When women’s rights movements have moved so far forward over the years how is this the go to argument?  It’s okay to pull them out on a silver screen set but no expression of admiration can be made?  Provocative choices for free drinks, yet more than a glance is frowned upon?  Yes, this is a man making the argument, and of course I know there are many circumstances that wrong and sometimes illegal actions are elicited.  But for now, my opinion will reign as wildly as I want.  Anyways,  boobs.   Laws written to cover them, marches to free them, and babies that obtain nourishment from them.  All important in the grand scheme of daily life.

The biggest variable that I think tends to get overlooked, however, is the biological responses set forth by boobs.  Regardless of how they are viewed on an individual basis, there is no denying the importance of the raw form;  Sexual attractiveness.  Like the dance of the guppy or the feathers of a Peacock women for generations have used breasts to attract and at times, lure a mate.  Like it or not, a man’s initial reaction to them (among many things) tends to be more biological, closer related to physical responses rather than emotional or intellectual.  Hardwired to love boobs if I may say.  Sometimes just the thought of seeing them is enough to make a man do the stupidest of things.  Yes, we are considered in most accounts to be rational beings, but its undeniable how much trouble a man can get into for the sake of such marvelous views.

While as thought-provoking as it may be to describe the variations of response from the male psyche the one thing remains.  Breasts can both hold the power of a nation or the downfall of a civilization.   It’s all in the manner to which they are recognized.  Disrespectful comments, observations, or physical aggression show no true commitment to the beauty of such gifts bestowed to the world, just as degradation of the women that choose to enlighten the world with their gifts  makes the world a sadder, angrier, more stressful place.

Whether nourishing the future POTUS, entertaining the next batch of insecure horny men, or being sensual touched in the process of love-making, women’s breasts should be revered and not used only to identify or objectify a woman.  She and her breast should be held….. and held to the highest honors.  If the only thing you take from this is a man just going on and on about boobs, I ask you to realize there is a much deeper fondness and respect for the human woman’s form and I am one of I’m sure a handful that has and understands how great said emotion is.