Why Do We Hate Ourselves

Daily Prompt – Deny

This, the establishment of epic proportions that can have a drastic effect on the activities one feels authorized to do.  Giving out information only to be mandated or worse more, instilling a general fear of what can be covered.  What institution could give such a dictation? Healthcare of course.  Whether it be obligatory guide lines or invasive lifestyle mandates, simple missteps can often be root causes for denial.  Living healthy according to the latest study, not necessarily affirmed within an entire community.  Refusing treatment with no critical gain.  Choosing a different standard of care within daily life.  All frowned upon within the ranks of executives, whose monetary gain almost undeniably more important.  The jet setters of pharmaceutical goods, all pushing the next miracle drug.  These are often the improvisers of legal guidelines that dictate willingness to release funds during times of dire stress.

Technological changes almost daily, new serums and antidotes tested on a never-ending cycle offer the busy inattentive masses solace for their seemingly constant symptoms.  More often than not creating more symptoms.  Keeping the ill-informed on the money train for often times decades.  But what happens when the differing literature gains steam and promotes a following?  Deniability.  Again, these guidelines paid for by proxy with every pill swallowed, every patch slapped on, every liquid prescribed.  After all this is the business largely of treating symptoms.  Not necessarily exploring the root cause for said ailments.

What happens when a person runs to the end and jumps from the moving caboose?  Lifestyle discrepancies that don’t coexist with current guidelines.  The data is all clear.  Research funded by major soft drink companies or the largest conglomerate in the food distribution industry.  The data is contradictory to the lifestyle you have chosen.  This must mean its wrong.  After all the results are conclusive, the scientific research is there in page after page of stammering statistics.  Science doesn’t change, theories of past are always truths of today.  Therefore, your claim has been denied.

Dietary guidelines, exercise routines, blood work panels, all calibrated towards shaky statistics drive the modern consumer.  Mix standard diet with said routines, then check panels against the standard american patient.  Find out if you’re within range of the guidelines set forth to follow.  Deny yourself the food you may want to eat.  Deny yourself the activities you may want to do instead.  Forego that crazy adventure that gives you the extravaganza you’re looking for.  Tomorrow will still await for you, but the coverage you keep may be withheld due to your crazy antics deemed dangerous by the select few.

Alternative medicine, shamans and witch doctors.  Derogatory terms spouted at the select few that share willingness to pursue an improved or more natural alternative.  You know, searching for natures way of improving life.  Life of humankind being an integral force of nature,  positive and negative alike.  Sure some of the old wives tales cultivated with inane reasoning and placebo effects get herded into such categories, shown as the collective ideals for those who participate in this practice.  What really needs to be heard from the same people who administered whiskey to babies?  Oh… wait… many times doctors alike prescribed such courses.  Don’t forget the mercurochrome and other mercury laden treatments administered in the early 1900’s.  Can we deny that more than occasionally this infallible industry has changed the narrative of what it is to be healthy? Do we listen unquestionably to dictations from multi billion dollar industries?  Or do we deny the indoctrination and research ourselves the validity of claims being pushed on us?  Deniability can be our saving grace, or the last column to crumble our ability to think freely.  The choice is yours. macklemore – drug dealer