Who Wears Short Shorts….

So time to take your little girl clothes shopping.  Yes it doesn’t really matter how old she is, if you have to take her shopping she is still your little girl (not that the criteria changes into adulthood).  Spring is in the air and the weather is getting warmer, it’s definitely time to shed the jeans and jackets for something a little more comfortable.  So as you drive with the windows rolled down you of course have to discuss where she wants to go first.  If you’re a dad, this really has no bearing, you just know that the wallet needs to be open and ready to spend.  As you trudge your way through the department stores or by chance through one of the box stores, you quickly realize that winter really is the best time of year.  Why you ask?  Because it’s the time of year the clothes actually cover up your daughter.  As I get further into my perspective I in no way claim that women should be covered up, actually quite the contrary, wear or don’t wear what you want.  Anyways, we go to the shorts sections and naturally I look for the longest pair on the rack.  Really I’m looking for some way to buy more pants instead.  That being said I come upon rows-and-rows of shorts, each row seemingly shorter than the previous sets.  I shrug it off realizing that I may be in a “fashion forward” store that doesn’t really cater to the everyday 10-year-old that has to do things like go to school.  So on to the next venture, yet again given very limited choices on length.  After several stores the realization is met that SHORT shorts are the fashion, yet the dress code contradicts almost every rack we come to.   This may not be the case in plenty of people’s universe, but in mine my daughter is to my chin, and i’m 6’4″.  I must say also that more often than not shopping is rather pain-staking for me.  People, traffic, spending money for objects that wont be used for more than a year, it all adds up to I should be on the couch watching the next Braves game.  Not at a department store.  Here’s the question for me I guess: Why is the dress code so stringent when the obvious lack of suitable clothing is being pushed year after year?  The answer I’ve seen most often stated is to not be a distraction to the boys, or not enabling themselves to be objectified by the opposite sex.  Seriously?  At that age it really doesn’t matter what she’s wearing.  Erections happen and spank banks start depositing, especially if the girls are developing.  Boys are dumb in that respect.  Most often men can be even worse (the only difference being men knowing to keep their mouth shut about it).  I try to be that parent that makes sure my kid has respectable clothing on, while still affording her enough fashion to fit in as much as possible.  While my view that fitting in generally isn’t always the best way to go, having a little bit of  it definitely has its advantages in a developing teens life.  That being said… Bermuda shorts or Capris is all the choice you have left.  Why is this?  We have schools that ban certain attire yet choices often are limited, provided you want your kid to have any kind of variety in their wardrobe.  It’s okay to shun them in school but not okay to shun the stores that sell it?  While I raise the question I’m in no way an advocate for either.  I’m just curious as to why there isn’t a broader disdain for it.  In a world that more and more young girls are doing adult acts (yes boys too….), why are we allowing this choice to be made?  Shorts that come down 2 inches away from their vagina are okay yet scolding them for some of the acts they participate in.   In no way am I saying this is the sole reason those acts happen, however when you have a young girl coming into her sexuality colliding with a young boy doing the same, the more he gets to see the more he is going to want to pursue.  If she is willing to participate in his pursuit worlds along with bodies tend to collide.   My own personal experiences have confirmed this on many occasion.  Whether we like or not, despite all the lessons we try to teach our children (boys and girls alike), biology tends to be a pretty persuasive force.  I don’t know that there is any validity in either argument being made, just my own thoughts on it.   Share your’s if you have any!