Define Your Sport

via Daily Prompt: Athletic

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How often can an adjective define series of events in a person’s life?  Daily.  The common notion that is applied to most participating in an event is that you must be athletic.  But what makes an athlete? Many times it’s the act of completing physically grueling workouts, running demanding practices, or most often participating with a team.   So if you are part of a pit crew for a racing team, you are an athlete, right?  How about the Hot Dog Eating Champion of 2017?  In its own form its a contest, a competition among peers.  Often times that can be considered a sport.  Is this champion considered an athlete?  There is training involved, a venue to compete at, winnings to be collected. 

Generally though the attributes of such competitor is lacking in the traditional sense of the fortitude of an athlete.  How bout the mom participating in the PTO?  Often forming events as a team of parents.  Events like bike rodeos and walk-a-thons.  These are physically challenging events compared to daily life for many.  Just the act of having to chaperone kids can be exhausting in its own right.  Though most don’t do it for any achievement should they not be considered athletes? 

Brawny, burly, heavily built are some synonyms often used but do not necessarily imply ability to play a sport.  One definition describes it as relating to sporting events, but the term is used rather loosely.  A day on the lake in a tournament fishing can be considered a sporting event, yet its often the butt of a joke describing a man trying to get away from his wife.  Is this man athletic while holding his beer in one hand and a fishing pole in another?  Being athletic is fairly concise in its literal definition, but nonetheless can be broadened across many aspects of life.  Ultimately it’s in the eye of the beholder what the definition could be.  The relevance can be construed in many different platforms to simply revere an effort, not necessarily the actual physical attributes one could or should have.