college successMany aspects of college are still a little confusing to me.  I can understand why many with little to no drive may find it overwhelming and skip continuing education all together.  Questions they may ask themselves also very likely to deter them from taking this step.  What do I even want to do?  This was one of the hardest questions I had to answer.  For so long I knew my path, I knew the direction I wanted to go.  Ultimately buy a truck and be my own boss.  It’s amazing how quickly this changed.  With so many changes in such a short amount of time I hadn’t stopped to think about what could be next.  Handling the issues of the day-to-day where almost paralyzing feats themselves. Nonetheless I trifled forward and pondered what life had in store for me and what direction I wanted to attempt to steer it.  Automotive collision and repair.  Four words, days of thought.  Artistic ability mixed with mechanic knowledge is how envision such a career.  This may be completely unfounded, however I believe I can achieve it with such a notion.   So as such I will be a willing participant in on road I am navigating in this life.  How am I going to pay for it?  Phew now this is the question that is debated on a national level.  Between cost of education and interest rates many that complete the task of deciding what they want to do get stifled by the enormous undertaking of student loan debt.  Questioning is it even worth it?  How long will it take to pay it off?  Or if you’re in my situation, which I imagine is true for so many, how will I pay the rest of the bills?  Between work, school, and children, expenditures can be almost insurmountable without the cost of college.  Not to mention the change in work schedule, often times having to cut down on hours.  If you don’t cut down on hours more often than not sleep gets to take a back seat to make room for the busy schedule and unwavering hours of the day.  Either way you have to give up something in return for the opportunity to obtain a ticket to the life balance, if you’re lucky.  Ultimately that’s what we attempt to do in life right?  Find a way to make the money we need to function and live without giving up the time we spend with our family and friends.  One of the last questions (but definitely not least) I asked myself was will my degree enable me to acquire the balance I so desperately want.  Will it pay me the money I need to support the lifestyle i desire?  Such a simple question with a variant of answers.  These answers come with stipulations, with variables that sometimes can’t be answered instantly.  Sure I can go to an internet search engine and look up the median salary for the career I want to do.  But what are the hours? Are there any available in my area?  Am I in a position to move to where the jobs are? If there are jobs in my area, what do they pay?  Cost of living can go up if you move to where said job is, and one can only hope the pay coincides with the increase.  Hope is all you have on that one.   Many of these factors in my belief aren’t always taken into consideration especially when you’re younger and fresh out of high school.  I know if they had been on my mind my career trajectory most definitely would have gone a different way.  I feel I may be getting a little long-winded so if you’re still with me I hope i will leave you with some thoughts of your own.  For now, I am taking my path step by step and weaving through what obstacle that may come my way.  I will lean on the advice and abilities of those before me to help guide me through the process  and fulfill my objective of obtaining the education.  It’s not going to be easy, and I may let some down in the process, but I will hopefully prevail in my tribulation of life.