Searching For Something

As I have decided to venture into this blogging stuff, I’m not real sure what the hell I’m doing.. but I will give a go either way.   Since going through an emotional last couple years much of what I was attempting to hold on to just kinda crumbled.  In that new light I have decided to go a little…. apes as they may say.  I switched jobs within the company I work for, decided to pursue academic courses to learn a new profession, and decided to start a blog with my own website.   While I may not be doing all the right things fiscally, I’m still going to attempt it anyways.  After all… i tried to do things in the “proper manner” when it comes to financial ventures and it only left me with more debt accrued by more than just myself.   The one thing I will definitely have to do is be persistent and not allow myself to put this aside for tomorrow.  It will be interesting, it will be fun, and I have no doubt will be controversial.  My opinions so often are kept to myself, although my friends and family would heartily disagree.  I will attempt to delve further into my perspectives and viewpoints on a wide range of topics, whether it be today’s news or the next thought that popped into my head.  If you find yourself privy to my website I hope that you will experience a range of emotions when reading and/or commenting on my posts.  I have no doubt you will. Thank you!